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Look who’s lovin’ Athens U

This past week, Lyssie J has gotten to meet some spectacular guests!

Check out who has stopped by The Gym at Judson:

Vanessa Williams with the cast

4-time Tony Award winning director Jerry Zaks with the Athens U beauties & hunks

The hilarious Mo Rocca ("The Daily Show", "Spelling Bee...") with the cast!


Chatting with Patti – Part 2!

Find out Patti’s dream role, favorite “Lysistrata Jones” moment, the 1 thing she must have every day and her secret to a great audition.

Meeting the players

So you’ve read the cast list, and maybe even visited our website to get more details. But how well do you know these characters?

Meet some of the players of the hilarious new musical, Lysistrata Jones.

 Here’s the 411 on our leading lady – Lysistrata has great girlfriends and is dating the hunky captain of the basketball team: 

BUT something’s still not right – the basketball team never wins, and never even tries! They’re in it for the team parties. Lyssie is at a loss on how to get these guys motivated…

Enter Robyn:

Sure, she looks angry & possibly scary – but she’s in the middle of a serious poetry slam. Lyssie (in a rare moment) finds herself at the school library, where Robyn works. Lyssie learns about the classic Greek play her parents named her after, and gets a totally brilliant plan.


Give up ‘giving it up’ to the guys? This just might work…

Meet Patti – Part 1

Lysistrata Jones is a girl on a mission to change the status quo – we caught up with the lovely & talented actress who plays our feisty & fearless leader: meet Patti Murin!

LYSISTRATA JONES first read-through

First up: so you’ve heard that TG is presenting this hilarious new musical by Douglas Carter Beane & Lewis Flinn –Lysistrata Jones.  Well, we will be posting behind-the-scenes pics, videos & more to give you the exclusive scoop on Lyssie, her hunky bf Mick & the whole Athens U gang.

Here’s a peek at the full cast, along with the creative team, gathered for the first official read/sing through.  We grabbed some shots for your viewing pleasure.

Lysistrata Jones title character: Lysistrata Jones.

Patti Murin as Lysistrata Jones

Here’s Lyssie: She’s not as innocent as she looks.

These chicks mean business.

Lysistrata Jones (Pattie Murin, left) & Robin (Lindsay Nicole Chambers, right) strike a mean pose.

The guys of Athens U

The multi-talented men of "Lysistrata Jones"

The worst team Athens U has ever seen – but the best looking group of guys, wouldn’t you say?

For a preview of the amazing score this cast sang through – click here!